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Pirate Stitch And Dash by NeoseekerStitch
Pirate Stitch And Dash
Has been nearly a year since I last uploaded a drawing, and it's been over a year atleast since I last drew Stitch.

For some reason I was in a pirate mood, so I drew this, enjoy.

Glad I finally have uploaded a drawing, hopefully I will upload more often, I'm a slowass already as it is, but once a year would be rediculouse. =/
Good news everyone. ( Drawing Preview) by NeoseekerStitch
Good news everyone. ( Drawing Preview)
I'm slowly trying to draw again, it's been a year that I last drew Stitch, and kinda 10 months since my last drawing, and since then didn't feel that much motivated to draw, but early this week I finally placed the first lines down again, and I'm slowly trying to crawl back to drawing again, I hope I'm not rusty since it's been a while, a year really goes by fast, and I almost can't believe that for a year not once did I drew Stitch, or anything since last December, Guess I had some kind of a drawing block or artist slumb or something, but since I started again, I'm kinda happy that it's atleast a start, and there for, a little preview gift of it for now. ;)
  • Mood: Pride
  • Watching: Cartoons
  • Playing: GTA V, Last of Us, MGSV Ground Zeroes
So, like, I just uploaded some pics of my trip to Disneyland Paris, from May 2014, but I kinda was a bit unmotivated to start uploading them 6 weeks ago. :x

I've also been a bit unmotivated to make a drawing, so that's why there isn't anything uploaded since December, don't know why, just don't feel like it for some reason, hopefully that will be over sometime soon, I don't want to get rusty. :>

Might be in a bit of an art slum I guess.

Anyway, I've also recorded a video of the 2014 Parade from Disneyland Paris, with my new Smartphone, and I figured out too late to hold the camera side ways before recording, so now you see this vertical block of a video on youtube, I'm kinda new to it, apologise, but quality wise, the video and sound are excellent for a phone. ;)

Take a peak if you're interested in this year's parade, it's Mary Poppins themed, and Stitch appears twice in it. ;)

And yes, I hope I soon would start working on a drawing again. :x

Also, to save time, Thanks for all the faves from my recent uploads. ^_^


Jochem Courtens
I'm Jochem Courtens, I'm 29 years old, born on December 29th, 1984.

Most of the stuff I like can already be read below on Devious Info.

I occasionally draw.
Usually it's Stitch, or something related to it.

I only draw when I feel like it, and when I have an idea that might look cool to make.

So, I don't do any request, art trade or comissions.

I first used paper to draw on, and colored it in the computer, and nowadays I use the computer entirally to make drawings.

I'm a Stitch fan, I'm sure you probably already notice that... =P
I like anything Disney.
Well, maybe not everything, Disney probably also has something I don't like, but that's probably minor stuff.

I'm very fascinated by animation, even though, I never animate myself, nor studied it, but I'm always fascinated how a drawn character comes to live, I always like to watch cartoons, and sometimes think/imagin in how much work is done in this.

I'm also fascinated in Voice Over acting.
How one person alone can play many different characters.
Mell Blanc, Don Messick, Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen, Jeff Bennett and many, many others that are well known voice actors, lol, well, well known to those that are interested in that kinda stuff. =P
I think it's cool to speak with a voice that's so good and so different from your normal voice, that people never recognise who's voice it is, unless you recognise a certain tone in his voice that gives it away, or read about who did the voice in the credits.
Sometimes I'm surprised if I find out about who's voice it is.

Sometimes I like to guess, I listen carefully, and try to pick something up, and just guess who it is, then I'm like: "That sounds a lot like Jim Cummings'voice, or Jeff Bennett's, or Frank Welker's, although, Frank usually does sound effects for animals, so I usually recognise his voice if he plays a bull."
Then I'm checking info on it somewhere to see if I was right or wrong.
"Aha! I knew it!" is usually what I say if I find out I was right. =D

Since I'm fascinated with Voice over stuff, you can kinda guess that I'm doing voices, too. =P

Terrible in acting, though. XD

The Voices I can do very well are:

Stitch & Donald Duck.

Stitch is probably the easiest to do.
I can also do that high pitch laughter of Stitch.

Donald Duck is a bit harder, takes a bit of practise, a lot, because I'm practising on it for like 3 years I think, and I still haven't got it that right, yet, but I can talk much better with it now, and also sometimes sing songs with it.
Songs that are kinda easy to keep up with it, because very fast songs will just let me trip over my tongue sorta speak. XD

It's fun to do this voice, because everyone recognise who it is when I use it, and it's also not a very easy voice to do.
Practising on it can be a pain, not the practising itself, but because you rather have some privacy when you do, because you feel kinda emberrased if you try practising with it, if people are close by.
And in the beginning it sounds bad, ofcourse, and you rather hope no one hears you doing it.

Now I can do it very well, not perfect, it's not like how Clearence Nash did it, or nowadays Tony Anselmo, but I got the sound of it right, and speak with it better these days, which is good enough for now, but I hope I improve on it a bit more. :)

Voices I practise on:

I'm practising on Goofy.
Meh, I try, but my own voice ain't the right stuff for this.

Mickey Mouse.
This is something I started practicing a few months ago.

I kinda can get the right tone, but there is still something there that wont let me stick it to stay on that tone.

I need to practise more. =P

Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid series.
Well, the old version that is, not Young Ocelot. =P

When trying to do his voice in the beginning, his voice is very roughly, you can kinda imagin that my throat hurts after doing his voice.
Now I don't have that much of a problem anymore nowadays, I guess practising a lot in rough voices, will help getting the throat used to it.

I can do the same roughness as Ocelot, but the tone in his voice is something I'm close to it, but not exactly on it.

Wilbur Cobb.
A character from Ren & Stimpy, he's the old confused man in which body parts fall off from him, and he usually speaks with no sense at all.

I kinda can do his voice, but on certain parts it just doesn't sound naturally.
I can kinda get the right tone and roughness of him, but it just doesn't sound naturally, meaning it just doesn't sound like it's as if it's my own voice, it sounds like someone is trying to hardly to speak like him.

Hey, atleast I'm honest about it. =P

The rest are just random voices in which I don't think it belongs to any character.

Usually I have the habit to automatically sound like Stitch when trying something. XD

This is all fun and well do to, but it would be more fun If I could use these voices to be placed on a video, kinda like the ones on YouTube, where people do their voices over a certain cartoon or game.
I think it's fun to do things like that.

I never done that before, but it looks like fun.
Wish I knew how to do that, then my YouTube account would be of great use for once. XD

Color codes of Stitch when I color in a Stitch Drawing with The Gimp. (Might still be experimental for getting the right colors.) ;)

4579a4 = Blue Color for Stitch.

495e79 = Alternative Blue Color Stitch

76b5cc = Green Color for Stitch

a48bb4 = Pink color for Stitch's ears.

aa88a1 = Alternative Pink color for Ears.

595694 = Color for Stitch's nose

113561 = Color for Stitch's Nails.

dc809c = Color of Stitch's Tongue.

3d4a6a = Color of Stitch's Back design

Well, that's it for now, that's all I can think of. :)

Current Residence: The Netherlands.
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks from movies, or videogames, any kind of music you don't hear on the radio every day
Favourite cartoon character: Stitch (naturally =P) Toothless The Dragon A.K.A Night Fury, The Joker, Mr. Kat, Scrat.

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Great stitch art.
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Thanks! =3

And thanks for the faves! :3
Ryan-Corrsin Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
no problemo, id fav more but my laptop always lags heavily during heavy page loading so it does not work so well for when i truthly need it.

And you wouldnt happen to be a Stitch Role player would you?
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Not really, no. =P
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Can you draw Stitch and Sonic the Hedgehog talking to each other as a request?
NeoseekerStitch Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
I don't do request, most of the time, though, because you might have to wait a long time before I might consider working on a drawing, I mean, I haven't drawn for nearly a year before I upload this new drawing.

I don't like letting people wait, or getting the feeling I need to rush myself to work on something.

I might do a sonic and Stitch someday, if I feel like drawing it, I know someone that also likes Sonic aswell as Stitch.

I remember someone asking me to draw Stitch as a pirate, and that was like 3 years ago or something, and now I have uploaded somehting with Stitch as a pirate, so yeah, if I have to do request, then I really have to feel like working on it, or have an idea already that I would like to draw with that in mind, otherwise, it might take an unknown while before I do something that would kinda fill in that request. =P 
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